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Riding Out the Summer Slump
A note from Spinning® Master Instructor Pru Comben on dealing with lower class numbers over periods of the summer time. It's that time of the year again- summer, well apart from all the rain! A time when our classes see a drop in numbers as our riders head out on vacations. But as fitness instructors, how do we handle this slump?
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Celebrating Success: Athleticum® Wins UK Enterprise Award

Recognized as a Leading Provider of Training Solutions, Athleticum® Continues Its Winning Streak. 

We are thrilled to announce that Athleticum®, the premier provider of sport equipment training solutions, has been honored with the prestigious UK Enterprise Award for Best Sport Equipment Training by SME News. This incredible achievement comes on the heels of our earlier triumph as the recipient of the IFS Brand of the Year award in March. 

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Elevate Your Fitness Studio with the New Spinner® Power Bikes

Introducing the latest revolution in indoor cycling - Spinner® Power Bikes. These bikes set the gold standard for fitness facilities, offering unmatched quality, personalized fit, and advanced features. Upgrade your studio with Spinner® Power Bikes to create an energizing space that motivates your members to achieve their fitness goals. With minimal maintenance requirements and a sleek design, these bikes are a smart long-term investment. Join the fitness industry leaders and experience the transformative power of Spinner® Power Bikes in your studio.

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How to Bring Members Back to Your Fitness Studio After the Summer
It can be tough getting members back into the gym after a summer break. Here are some tips on how to get members back into the gym and offer value in a financially challenging year. As a fitness studio owner, you have an opportunity to provide value-added services that will help your members stay healthy both physically and mentally. 
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The Spinning® Bridge Program launches in the UK and Ireland
Are you a fitness instructor who has been previously certified in another indoor cycling program? If so, then you may be eligible to participate in the Spinning Bridge Program. This convenient online course will allow you to earn the globally recognized Spinning Instructor Certification. Keep reading to learn more about this exciting opportunity. 
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